'El Casco' Classic Stapler

This is the Rolls Royce of staplers - a design classic by El Casco. Not only a beautifully manufactured instrument but an iconic piece to proudly grace any desk and so well crafted that it will last a lifetime. Nowadays, this piece of luxury stationery is still handcrafted to ensure that each one is a work of art in engineering.

El Casco was established in Eibar, a town in northern Spain, during the crisis of 1929, when the firearms manufacturing company Olave, Solozabal y Cía SA decided to diversify into other markets and started to manufacture stationery articles with the same quality and technical precision as their weapons were known for. A staple should travel down its track with the same precision as a bullet down the barrel of a revolver!

  • Uses Nº 22 staples. 1 Box included.
  • Dimensions: (box) H11 x L10 x W5,5 cm
  • Weight: 380 g

Collections: Big Boys Toys

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