5 Basic Rules of Design everyone should know

Posted on January 21, 2015 by ANAHI RODRIGUEZ | 0 Comments

Hello there,
today I'm gonna give you a unique gift: 5 basic rules (or tips) to make your home look homey. Everyone should know this and if you already know it, then make it happen! 
I think it's important that you feel cosy at your own place. This is what you need to create a great atmosphere: Art - Books - Photography - Flowers - Candles

1. ART: "Art is the only way to run away without leaving home". Art fills space, gives atmosphere, creates feelings, personalise place. 


I know a well-known visual artist that does commissioned paintings for privates (and companies). She lives and works in London and is specialized in abstract paintings in all dimensions. Maybe you've already heard her name - Anahí Rodríguez :) To check out her work have a look at: www.anahirodriguez.com 

I wanted to mention that we'll add soon a new section on our shop called "Atelier" where you'll be able to find different paintings and artworks for sale.

2. BOOKS: "Book lovers never go to bed alone". Reading makes you good. Reading enhances smarts, reduces stress, gives analytical thinking, improves your vocabulary, memory and writing skills and helps to prioritize goals. Books make a home (shelves, coffe table, library, etc).


3. PHOTOGRAPHY: "Pictures are memories frozen in time". They are the best way to remember and share those important moments of your own lives. There's something about glimpsing the special moments, grand and mundane, of people's lives. They help make a house feel loved and lived in (Frame them!).


4. FLOWERS/PLANTS: Flowers make us happy. They are life and they do much more than beautifying a place. They bring about positive emotional feelings in those who enter a room. They make the space more welcoming and create a sharing atmosphere... Buy flowers just because and you'll see.


5. CANDLES:  Soft lighting from decorative candles can really set the mood of a home, whether it’s day time or night time. They create a relaxing and welcoming ambience with a romantic touch, don't you agree?

I hope you find this post useful. Enjoy the rest of the week.

From London with love,

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