Mellow Mood

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The weather has been so nice lately. You can feel the warm temperatures and see the sun shining for long hours every day. Anticipated summer colours put everyone in a mellow mood. 


Pops of yellow are becoming increasingly popular for interiors. Yellow is a colour of many meanings. It is the warmth of the sun and the renewal we see in the first flowers of spring... 

When writing to his sister in 1888, Vincent van Gogh wrote, “
The sun, a light that for lack of a better word I can only call yellow, bright sulfur yellow, pale lemon gold. How beautiful yellow is!”.

The energetic, sunny and optimistic hue is one of trickiest colors to use in interiors, let's discover the love affair with yellow, together!


What is your take on yellow in interiors?

From London with love,

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My Dream Bathroom

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Designing your dream bathroom calls for careful space planning, considering your needs and a sophisticated mix of materials, textures and proper lighting. I have an idea very clear in my head of how it would be my dream one.




Those are the essentials pieces I'd love to have in my dream bathroom:
- Beautiful tiles
- Bathtub with legs
- Wooden accessories
- Old style taps

- Green plants

Then I'd add my Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Pearl Essence Soothing Pearl Bath Soak, light some candles with relaxing music and probably a glass of bubbles... et voilà!
Unfortunately we can just help you with these accessories:

Genuinely "Out of Africa", these deliciously colourful two sided Kikoy towelsare handmade in Kenya. A really versatile accessory with one side is made from a super soft towelling and the other from a finely woven cotton. This means you can wrap the towel round you as a cover-up in the gym, spa or wherever you find yourself enjoying a bath time...!


The Love Candle Set comes in 3 separate colourways. Each set has 3 different "love messages" - part cheeky and part serious for lighting those special moments.

From London with love,

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Outside in

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It's Spring! Get that light and airy feeling at home and let the outside in.
Fill your home with indoor greenery to create a fresh, healthy environment ahead of the new season. 

Household objects, furniture and plants inspired by the Pantone Green Color Trend 2014 (images taken from Pinterest)



These are our suggestions to add a touch of greenery to your home. Take note.
MOB Design Lamp
Inspired by the 60's mopeds, this French designed neo-retro lamp is a superb example of the harmony of form and function. Ideal for your bedside table as well as your office desk. 
Trattoria Wall Clock
Get that delicious flavour of Italy into your kitchen with this Pasta Pesto tin wall clock with the tricolore flag. Your cooking will have that extra bit more "gusto" with this little bit of Italy on the wall.

Victor Calculator
This chunky slice of 1970s nostalgia comes from England and was produced by Victor Co. under license in the UK. We love its great mid-century colour with toning keys. It's fully working, too, if you've had enough of using your phone to run your accounts. Original paper roll included.
Peter Beard
A fascinating journey into Beard's universe: opulent, bizarre, provocative, psychedelic, simply fantastic! A perfect statement for your coffee table.
From London with love,

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Love is in the air

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Love is in the air...!

Thinking red? There you go.
Have a lovely weekend.

From London with love,

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5 Basic Rules of Design everyone should know

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Hello there,
today I'm gonna give you a unique gift: 5 basic rules (or tips) to make your home look homey. Everyone should know this and if you already know it, then make it happen! 
I think it's important that you feel cosy at your own place. This is what you need to create a great atmosphere: Art - Books - Photography - Flowers - Candles

1. ART: "Art is the only way to run away without leaving home". Art fills space, gives atmosphere, creates feelings, personalise place. 


I know a well-known visual artist that does commissioned paintings for privates (and companies). She lives and works in London and is specialized in abstract paintings in all dimensions. Maybe you've already heard her name - Anahí Rodríguez :) To check out her work have a look at: 

I wanted to mention that we'll add soon a new section on our shop called "Atelier" where you'll be able to find different paintings and artworks for sale.

2. BOOKS: "Book lovers never go to bed alone". Reading makes you good. Reading enhances smarts, reduces stress, gives analytical thinking, improves your vocabulary, memory and writing skills and helps to prioritize goals. Books make a home (shelves, coffe table, library, etc).


3. PHOTOGRAPHY: "Pictures are memories frozen in time". They are the best way to remember and share those important moments of your own lives. There's something about glimpsing the special moments, grand and mundane, of people's lives. They help make a house feel loved and lived in (Frame them!).


4. FLOWERS/PLANTS: Flowers make us happy. They are life and they do much more than beautifying a place. They bring about positive emotional feelings in those who enter a room. They make the space more welcoming and create a sharing atmosphere... Buy flowers just because and you'll see.


5. CANDLES:  Soft lighting from decorative candles can really set the mood of a home, whether it’s day time or night time. They create a relaxing and welcoming ambience with a romantic touch, don't you agree?

I hope you find this post useful. Enjoy the rest of the week.

From London with love,

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Yellow Mellow

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Hello sunshine,
With this weather we are all missing the sun so here you have some options for yellow mellow inspiration!

*Remember that we're still on SALE and because you're registered to our Newsletter you can have a 10% OFF adding the following discount code at the end of your purchase: welcome_to_our_world

(images taken from our Pinterest board Yellow Mellow Inspiration)

From London with love,


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The Kilner is back!

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We're almost there... 10 days to Christmas!!!! Looking forward to spending some quality time with the family.

Remember that you can still place orders on our shop until the 22nd of December if you want your gifts to arrive on time before Xmas Eve...!

This last weekend we had our traditional Xmas dinner, we invited some friends over and we had an enjoyable time. We prepared a very festive ambience with delicious food, crackers, gifts for Secret Santa and of course Mulled Wine couldn't be left out on such an event! Luckily we have our own Kilner Drink Dispenser (they're NOW back in stock) so we prepared this signature drink to serve it with style.

I want to share with you the recipe I used and my friends can confirm that it's just perfect (I took it from Kilner's Blog), I hope it inspires you:

The taste of Christmas, a festive drink that will leave you feeling warm and mellow.

- 1 part red wine
- 1 part lemonade
- 3 teaspoons of cinnamon
- 3 teaspoons of nutmeg
- 2 table spoons of brown sugar

Pour all ingredients into a large pan and warm on a low heat.
Do not boil.
Once the drink has been warmed add to your drinks dispenser and enjoy next to a roaring fire :)

If you don't fancy Mulled Wine you can always do Apple Cider or Cranberry Punch!
*** And just NOW you can find it with 10% OFF at ANAHI Collection 


From London with love,
Anahí & Peter

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